Ombres électriques
Dominique Ghesquière

Grey paint on road, 180 metres long

Loan from the Limousin Region Art Collection

Born in Pensacola, Florida in 1953, Dominique Ghesquière lives and works in Paris.

Dominique Ghesquière's practice draws on everyday objects and the components of landscape. Finding inspiration in both natural and artificial phenomena, she uses their ephemeral, fleeting, imperceptible character as means of revealing them to us more fully.

Ghesquière's research and creation residency at the International Centre for Art and Landscape in early 2012 gave rise to her exhibition Terre de Profondeur. During her four months at the Castle she took a close interest in the creation of the Vassivière site and the Electricité de France dam there.

ombres électriques resonates powerfully with Vassivière as a place where energy resources and their implementation are an integral part of the landscape. Created during her 2011 residence at the Ateliers des Arques is southwestern France, the work was acquired by the Limousin Region Art Collection in 2012 and lent to the Art Centre until its eventual effacement. This "protocol-based" work must be reactivated each time it is presented, and this time round artist has chosen the Chemin des Poètes (Poets' Path), 2.6 kilometres from the Art Centre, in the municipality of Peyrat-le-Château, as the reactivation site. 

Laid directly on the road surface, this painting conjures up the shadows of electricity poles and cables. A kind of simulacrum, it recreates the ghostly presence of wires which today are often buried underground. The artist points up the way landscape changes in response to energy needs, and she offers us the chance, as we walk, to brush up against what we cannot touch. These shadows no longer flee us: they are there before our eyes, on the ground from morning till night.


Copyright : CIAP - Île de Vassivière