Modèle pour l'Hospitalité i.e. l'Exclusion
Etienne Chambaud

Concrete, 1 m x 1 m x 50 cm

Command of the Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière in 2010

Born in 1980, Etienne Chambaud lives and works in Paris, France.

In the meadow, just in front of the Art Center, Etienne Chambaud has chosen to partially buried in the ground a dead-weight made of concrete. For his exhibition in Vassivière, taut steel cable was attached to dead-weight and lead to the top of the lighthouse where a cable went through a window and hung down vertically inside dated from the oblique to the top of the lighthouse, was entering through a window - which hung a steel mobile, Model for Hospitality, i.e. Exclusion.

Now in the collection of the wood of sculptures, the dead-weight, became an enigmatic object left by the artist, works as a palimpsest that keeps the track of a previous work. This artwork is part of the reflexion that the artist takes on the nature of the work of art, on its relationships with other artworks, on the contexts and reasons of the appearance of objects, on how they are used and full them of meaning or a particular story.

For Etienne Chambaud, Model for Hospitality, i.e. Exclusion becomes a relic, an object "redeemed" of functionality that today marks the separation between architecture and landscape.


Courtesy: Aurélien Mole