ForĂȘt sans titre
Nico Vascellari

Trees, tape recorders, amplifier, magnetic tape

Command of the Centre international d’art et du paysage de l’île de Vassivière in 2010

Nico Vascellari lives and works in Vittorio Veneto, Italy where he was born in 1976.

Nico Vascellari was invited by Marcello Smarelli to design an art intervention in the framework of the ARTools project for the sculptures wood of Vassivière island.

The island forest proved to be an environment particularly well-suited to Nico Vascellari's artistic approach.

The work he is presenting is made up of an element linked conceptually by the idea of memory, the archive, and the metamorphosis of sedimented data.

Two tape recorders play a long loop of amplified sound, made up of a single magnetic tape of 100 meters obtained by joining together all the albums with a forest on the cover and which are part of the collection of the artist. The tape winds its way through the forest surrounding the Art Center, travelling up the trunks of the trees, with one of the tape recorders on REC and the other on  PLAY.

The device was designed in such a way that the sound traces are never completely erased. The tape continues recording what is going on outside, in the natural world, and adds the sounds of the Vassivière forest to the original soundtrack. Over time, the original sound traces will be lost, but not before they have been overlaid with other sounds, in successive strata, as though the tape were the living memory of some geological upheaval.

The pre-recorded sound loop will be constantly changing, and with time the sound traces of the audio cassettes will give way to a spontaneously created new soundtrack, dictated by chance.

Nico Vascellari's background is in the underground music scene, where he was front man on the noise band "With Love", an experiment he returned to in his project Lago Morto (Dead Lake), created for the Graz Kunsthalle in 2009. His work combines elements from underground culture and from the visual arts; he uses a range of media - photography, video and sculpture -, while performance holds the key to his work. Many different elements are employed in his art, including fabrics, objects in daily use or consecrated by tradition, lighting effects and new generation technology.

Courtesy: Aurélien Mole