Hervé Le Nost

Granite, steel, bronze, 150 x 150 x 15cm

Command of the Art Center (owner Ciap) in 1994

Born in Guingamp in 1957, Hervé Le Nost lives and works in Cast in France.

Hervé Le Nost’s work is entirely dedicated to liquid, to fluidity. Following the exhibit “Island, earth, water, sky” presented at the Art Center in 1994, the artist installed a series of forms representing Vassivière Island in different materials (bronze, steel, granite, skin, porcelain and electric light) that are displayed in the exhibit space on the ground and on the wall. The presence of each material is justified either in the history of the site or by its color.

Later on he chose to reinstall two of his sculptures, (in steel and in granite), one in the park, above a fishing area on which floats another bronze form representing the Island in reduced dimensions. The fishing area is witness to a process of deterioration of this irregular and insular form, with each particular material being exposed in order to memorize and qualify a succession of periods before and after this earth was isolated by the waters (from the stone age to the post-modern period).

As a result of the building of a dam, Vassivière Island is artificial and consequently an entirely separate artifact. Water gave it its shape, sculpted it. In this double game of representation and reality – where nature stops and culture begins – the place for exhibition becomes the piece itself. Since all art is artifice, the Island becomes a metaphor for a reflection on the nature of art. 


Copyright: André Morin