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Jean-Fran├žois Demeure

Granite, 250 x 120 x 110 cm, 263 x 32 x 24 cm

Command of the Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière" (owner Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière") in 1983

Born in 1946 in Civray France, Jean-François Demeure lives and works in Limoges, France.

This work has been realized as part of the Symposium organised in 1983 on Vassivière island. This whole work carved has been produced for the first symposium by Jean-François Demeure. This work connects various elements together: a triangular stone in the wall, the central staircase with the bird, the column along the meadow and trees which going down to the lake and a final element that must be placed in the lake.

Jean-François Demeure continues his work on the granite that he sizes, cuts, abrads which adds glass and neon. For his sculptures, he uses the terms "we usually think of stone compact and closed. The geological formation of this material requires a relation to the long term, this one of its origin rooted in a territory, constituting a landscape or a place, this one of a perenniality fixed in the comfort of duration but the stone is also porous in the present tense. The true reality of time is the instant, duration is only a construction, without any absolute reality."


Copyright: André Morin