Yona Friedman

Drawing ground track with buckwheat, 36 m

Deposit of the architect in 2009

Born in 1923 in Budapest, Hungary, Yona Friedman lives and works in Paris, France.

For Vassivière island, Yona Friedman created alongside the mineral Unicorn Eiffel, another land sculpture, this one here plant, which occupies the meadow behind the Art Center. It is Balkis. Tribute to his inseparable dog, now dead but embodies a unique and exceptional educational breath, protagonist of several books and theoretical works (Vous avez un chien. C'est lui qui vous a choisi, L’ordre compliqué et autres fragments).

These two figures of animals, visible bestiary of the sky as Earth, transfigure the meadows of Vassivière by their monumental presence and mysterious.

Balkis appears schematically appears in buckwheat, playing from far with Unicorn Eiffel.

In this drawing in buckwheat, the visitor finds the characteristic trait of Yona Friedman’s cartoons created over 40 years to explain their social, urban and architecture models.

Buckwheat named "100-day plant" has been chosen by the nature of its culture that spreads over three months from June to the end of August - the sculpture has been created for the exhibition Etc. Balkis Island presented at the Art Center during the summer 2009. Once widely cultivated in areas with poor acid soils, in Central Europe, Russia, North America and in France (Bretagne, Normandie, Limousin, Auvergne, Pyrénées...), buckwheat is now a plant whose culture keep disappearing in France.


Copyright: Frédéric Legros