Michael Sailstorfer

Mercedes Benz, street lamp, elastic cable, metal 200 x 450 x 500 cm

Deposit of My Private Milan (owner My Private Milan) in 2009

Born in 1979 in Germany Vilsbiburg, Michael Sailstorfer lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Transformations, adjustments contextual spatial appropriation, Michael Sailstorfer's work is quickly identified by his interest in daily objects, the materials around us, his fascination with identity and the specific history of these objects and their own destiny. He deasls with these things, breaking them up, separating them, deforming them, adapting them to gather them again, moving them, reinterpreting them and re-qualifying them. Such a distortion of the meaning of the object and parallel use of its formal qualities does not produce its destruction, the aim is rather to reconfigure and change its meaning. Two works by the german artist are presented in the wood of sculptures of Vassivière island. Placed in very different parts of the island - in the forest, near the lake, in the meadow - these works emphasize the artificiality of Vassivière island and his artistic vocation.

What makes Sailstorfer’s work so extraordinary is the ardent desire of its realization and the melancholy in which it is produced and tragedy aware of his destiny. Sternschnuppe (Shooting star) is one of the most important works of his career, for his extreme poetry, the power of the concept, the comic sense of its realization and the tragic note of its outcome. The artist presents himself initially as a dreamer, who no longer wish to be submitted to a mysterious entity when he desires to see a shooting star in the sky. It is a romantic desire to produce a natural phenomenon filled of emotions.

Whether true or not, the artist admits to have done this work for his girlfriend for who he wanted to send up shooting stars. The Mercedes W123 with a catapult for streetlights and directly built in front of the Centre international d'art et du paysage, welcomes visitors with humor, noting the entrance into an artistic territory, a place of curiosity and imagination.


Copyright: François Doury