Victor Man

Tree, animal furs, wire

Deposit of the artist in 2009

Born in 1974, Victor Man lives and works in Cluj, Romania.

Victor Man appears as one of the most interesting artists on the emerging scene of Eastern Europe. His work has been presented in the Romanian Pavilion in Venice Biennial in 2007, his international reputation keeps increasing. Using painting, sculpture, mural painting or screen printing, he creates installations in which intertwine the individual and collective memory, the themes of eroticism, power and desire.

As part of his solo exhibition presented at the Centre international d’art et du paysage in 2009, Victor Man conceives a sculpture project which materializes in the forest by a young tree covered with numerous animal furs. Over the seasons, experiencing the harsh climate and hostile of the island, furs will waterlogge, freeze, dry out and eventually will fall. By its mysterious presence in the wood of sculptures, the work appears more as a discrete inscription dragging Vassivière island in an area of consciousness and meditation, a place of profound melancholy.

Copyright: André Morin