Les trois modules gonflables de l’île de Vassivière
Hans-Walter Müller

PVC, plastic cloth, wooden platform, engine, 400 x 528 cm in diameter

Commande publique of the Ministère de la culture et de la communication (owner Ciap) in 2007

Born 1935 in Worm (Germany), Hans-Wlater Müller lives and works in La Ferté-Alais.

Hans-Walter Müller is the true inventor of the "inflatables", those inhabitable air architectures. For more than 30 years, Hans-Walter Müller, artist that belonged to the 60's cinetic art movement, is developing a nomadic, ephemeral, light and easy to use architecture. In 1971, the architect settles in one of this inflatables on the grounds of the Cerny airfield in the Ferté-Alais forest (Essonne). Amidst the trees, surrounded by ponds filled with aquatic plants and rare fishes, the yellow bubble shelters workshops, work and recreational area that are laid out on sliding planking. Underground, carved in the rock, are the domestic and rest areas which are opening on the outside (terraces, picture windows).

"An inflatable, explains Hans-Walter Müller, is simply a skin containing a space, separating the outside from the inside, appearing and disappearing and sometimes dematerializing. In this its a playful, fantastic and unusual space, very far from the traditional building techniques".  

Copyright: Marc Domage