Les trois modules gonflables de l’île de Vassivière
Hans-Walter Müller

PVC, plastic sheet, 400 x 528 cm 

Commande publique of the Ministère de la culture et de la communication (owner Ciap) in 2007

Born in Worm in Germany in 1935, Hans Walter Müller lives and works in La Ferté–Alais in France. 

An engineer and architect from the Polytechnic School in Darmstadt in Germany, Hans Walter Müller pursued his studies in Paris and engaged in architectural studies with the material of his time: artificial light, projected image, sound, plastic, electric motors, all at the service of the “architecture of movement”. He belonged to the kinetic art movement, whose spirit he prolonged and opened to new fields of experience applied to architecture, which have now become the “architecture of air”.

These three modules were created for an exhibition/TV presentation organised at the Art Centre at Vassivière in 2002–2003 by the Estació Association (Betty Bui and Gilles Coudert) and Hans-Walter Müller, at the invitation of Guy Tortosa. The title was 'quarta estació, Benifallet-Vassivière' (fourth stage of the estació project). With the active participation of the residents of Benifallet in Spain, municipalities from the Vassivière plateau, numerous community associations and teams from the Télé Millevaches TV channel and the Art Centre, the project led in 2003 to the estació móbil: this was an inflatable module developed by Hans-Walter Müller as a travelling home for the estació tour – encounters, workshops, exhibitions, etc. – and later for three small inflatable modules intended to house the Art Centre's educational activities.

Designed by Hans-Walter Müller to fit within the circumference of the estació móbil, the three small structures in a way represent its children: heirs to the estació mode of functioning and keepers of its educational flame. They were ultimately made in 2007,commissioned by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

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Copyright: Marc Domage