Michael Sailstorfer

2.5 x 4.8 x 4.8m

Deposit of My Private Milan (owner My Private Milan) in 2009

Born in Germany in 1979, Michael Sailstorfer lives and works in Berlin in Germany.

Michael Sailstorfer likes to take apart vehicles or objects, an activity that enables him to understand the interior of all sorts of constructions that surround him. But if he disassembles, it is above all for the purpose of rebuilding better and giving a new life to the original object. By means of this process of metamorphosis which is at the same time both work and play, he applies himself to creating a work that, equipped with a new name, sets a sto ry machine in motion.

Michael Sailstorfer refers consciously to artistic strategies of past generations and uses them to unmask the tragedy of their seriousness.

Waldputz’s radical conquest of artistic space in nature becomes a piece of forest that is carefully cleaned by hand. An artistic strategy easily reminiscent of Richard Long or Michael Heizer, yet – given the vain and absurd character of the task – the meticulous way in which it is produced, and the transitory nature of the result, represent an ardent, Utopian and finally tragic desire.

Faced with works of this sort that are sensitive and extremely pragmatic in terms of construction, but at the same time absurd, one perceives at once the poetry, desire, euphoria and irony of the production, and the melancholy of its achievement.


Copyright: André Morin