Graines de lumière
Erik Samakh

Variable technics and dimensions

Commande publique of the Ministère de la culture et de la communication (owner Ciap) in 2003

Born in Saint Georges de Didonne in 1959, Erik Samakh lives and works in Serres in the Haute-Provence Alps.

Erik Samakh’s thought is the opposite of any desire for enshrinement that excludes human presence from protected nature. He is interested in modes of behavior and communications, in the relation between things rather than the things themselves, including in this process all living things, which also includes the public. For him, in no case does the relation to nature take the form of romantic isolation and a retreat from the social field.

The installation of Grains of Lights took place at the same time as The Tijuca Dreams, after the storm. As much at ease with nature as with technology, Erik Samakh produces a work among the trees on the Island, an autonomous work comprised of three hundred and fifty Grains of Lights that are charged during the day with solar energy before transforming at nightfall into a constellation of stars.


Copyright: Marc Domage