Point de Vue
Bernard Pag├Ęs

Rusty steel, metallic or painted, cut concrete, 565 x 31 x 300 cm

Commande of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1997

Born in Cahors in France in 1940, Bernard Pagès lives and works in Nice in France.

“This is a sculpture specially conceived for Vassivière. The sculpture spends its time swaying its hips. Its splits are the antithesis of the stability of the lighthouse. Its indentations and projections contradict one another and in their opposition correct themselves. It is built in a succession of returns and inversions. The heaviest and densest part in colored concrete stands high, supported by fine entwinements of metal, all the frailer for being dangerously twisted. It is as if it had been jostled and had partly sunk under the pressure. The metal flames that unroll at the top seem to be fleshier and therefore heavier than the slender bars at the base. Only this low section is metallic. The rust, instead of climbing, seems paradoxically to descend towards the ground. The acid-green bands that encircle the upper part recall the painted IPN lintels used in construction, and their oval shape recalls the small brick vaults around the tower. At the same time, this green highlights the fire of the rust and the acidity of the color of the concrete. But the point of view is always like searching for balance.” (Bernard Pagès)


Copyright: André Morin