La Maison de Laine
Frédéric Ollereau

Granite, wool and silk tapestry, 1 x 0.6 x 1m

Commande publique of the Ministère de la culture et de la communication helped by the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap (deposit of the Cnap/Fnac) in 1997

Born in Grenoble in 1962 in France, Frédéric Ollereau lives and works in Paris in France.

The House of Wool is made of two elements: a block of granite in the shape of a house on which is laid a wool and silk tapestry woven at the "Courant d’art" studio in Aubusson. The tapestry, representing on the six sides of the structure a human limb and installed outdoors, underwent consecutive degradations due to various periods of bad weather and deteriorated in the course of time. 

Each element of the work shows the artist’s proposal: “During the actual production, the tapestry can be perceived as the symbol of certain everyday preoccupations. Stitch after stitch, like so many pieces accomplished in solitude, this gesture can testify to the act of subsistence: it forms a whole, a protecting envelope. […] The House of Wool in the size of a body bent upon itself in a position of defense offers refuge against everydayness and seals in closed spaces. Without any tearing or bursting out, the body constrained by reduced space – which is both protecting and jailing – returns to an opaque and clandestine reality. Anonymous again.The House of Wool is the result of a specific reflection on the identity of the individual in urban social space.

The House of Wool, abandoned like graffiti, will let erosion take care of removing little by little all traces of its passage in this place. The work thus renews the use of tapestry, a medium usually attached to the idea of permanence. Tapestry that generally decorates interiors now finds itself outdoors; the skeleton becomes a skin, then disappears to allow another skeleton to appear, one in stone structure. The long weaving work comes undone through time; the house blends into nature. The skeleton is dislocated, like a broken puppet come all unhinged with progressive use. The loss of the work is uncontrollable, the spending irremediable.


Copyright: Jacques Hoepffner