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Jacques Julien

Iron, pvc, 210 x 360 x 280cm

Commande of the Centre d'art (owner Ciap) in 2000

Born in Lons-le Saunier in France in 1967, Jacques Julien lives and works in Paris and Besançon in France.

Different sports activities (football, basketball, golf…) are the exclusive resource of Jacques Julien’s work. It is this monomania that lends his pieces the air of simplicity and familiarity, exhibiting a deliberately faded imagination. Jacques Julien plays on space metonymically: despite the obvious sculptural graciousness, the piece is not at all an object locked in its function or in its volume. 
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Heaped on the floor, cut into sections, three basketball baskets and their frames are exposed like bits of a puzzle in a spherical shape that is imperfect, voluminous and open. This work enables us to draw closer to Jacques Julien’s approach, which sees sport as representing a system made of laws and rules that the players must obey. Sports grounds, with their designs, dimensions, and peculiar topography are precisely there to remind us what these rules and tangible signs mean. In sports, then, the suggested system, the presupposed laws and rules, as well as the engagement that is required and the improvement that is demanded, may resemble the world we live in, a world that is structured, ruled and organized. Accordingly, by representing the world of sport in such a chaotic, de-structured, deformed and truncated way, Jacques Julien invites us to question our own world and how it functions.


Copyright:  Marc Domage