Adel Abdessemed

Blue neons, 26 x 11cm

Commande of the Centre d'art (owner Ciap) in 2002

Born in  Algeria in 1971, Adel Abdessemed lives and works in Berlin in Germany.

Adel Abdessemed’s work represents a form of political engagement/investment which stresses exile, resistance and subversion.

Comparing the contradictions of African and Western culture, the artist became interested in their taboos and the way to transcend them. He pursues another relentless quest: individual and collective identity. In Abdessemed’s work there is always a tension between the great poetry of the image and the violence of the idea that it represents. For war is ever present, even in the most idyllic of environments, which yields this notion of Exile, in the form of a blue neon presented above the entrance of the Art Center built by Aldo Rossi on Vassivière Island. < ;/span>

Adel Abdessemed chose the title “Exile” not only because he heard it so often when he arrived in France, but also because of the paradox that it holds: it means at the same time leaving and settling, here and there, the drama of the foreigner. The blue neon “Exile” explicitly unites “exile” and “exit” by playing on the ambiguity of its site.


Copyright: Marc Domage