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Vladimir Skoda

Metal, 0,70m

Commande of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1996

Born in Prague in Czechoslovakia in 1942, Vladimir Skoda lives and works in Paris in France.

Vladimir Skoda came to study in France in 1968, when he abandoned painting in favor of sculpture in the studios of the National Higher School of Fine Arts of Paris in 1969. As of 1975, working in iron and steel enabled him to resolve the problem of representation; the energy of the body, in its rapport with the material, came to substitute it. Then forms derived from simple geometry appeared, enabling him to articulate what the material dictated to him, from the preliminary drawing to the project. The first “balls”, “spinning tops” or “pyramids” were the result. At Vassivière, Skoda’s work found an ideal place in the form of a circle close to a small wall.

, palatino;">“I like simple, elementary things. If I use geometric forms, it’s not because I am austere but because they are firm”, declares Skoda. Insisting on the capacity of resistance of his materials and forms, he goes on: “Metal can deform, change from one shape to another without losing anything. The irreducible mass of metal, the sphere that resists all points of view, and the firmness of geometry allow me to keep the physical presence of the work and to affirm it manifestly against the inconsistency of objects”.


Copyright: André Morin