Sport France
Marylène Negro

7 wood and metal pieces of sports apparatus installed on the meadow, variable dimensions

Command of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1998

Born in Grenoble in France in 1957, Marylène Negro lives and works in Paris in France.

Since the early 90s, Marylène Negro’s work is based on a combination of procedures that question social reality, exchanging and infiltrating in that area, while rigorously and very discreetly exploring autobiographical elements. For a long time the objects that she produced had no existence other than as testimony to her preoccupations. Volatile and nomadic, they often had the appearance of posters or ephemeral assemblies of photographs, as well as tee-shirts (I love art), artist’s editions and productions with sound.

This permanent installation on the meadow is an ensemble of seven pieces of gymnasium apparatus entitled Sport France (the name of the manufacturer of this sports material), proposing a health course arranged at random. 

Between the reality from which it distances itself, and the sculpture that it is not at all completely, the work testifies to this interstice in which the artist passes the “red wire” of art style="font-size: small;"> through the very heart of the living. Faced with this proposition made by Marylène Negro, the visitor can exercise and overcome obstacles and hurdles in a health course set before him without having to follow any instructions as to use.


Copyright: Jacques Hoepffner