Anne Marie Jugnet

White neon tubes hanging from trees in the forest 

Commande of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1994

Born in La Clayette in Saône et Loire in 1958 in France, Anne Marie Jugnet lives and works in Paris in France.

Installed in a dark forest of conifers, hanging among the trees, two words - “errors” and “exact” - are written in white neon. Small in size and guided by two spindles, they are visible and legible from the edge of the forest. The use of light, the specific choice of written words and the environment in which the work is situated are all features of Anne Marie Jugnet’s production. This work contains aspects of wandering and research, and does not reflect a single point of view. “Error” comes from the Latin errare: to wander, while “exact” comes from exigere: to conclude. (Anne Marie Jugnet, 1994)

Most of Anne Marie Jugnet’s works are composed of words or short phrases, and the artist seeks to communicate with the spectator through the use of writing. In his text "Writing the invisible”, Michel Bourel explains the artist’s process: “She extracts from the text-reservoir words and expressions that reinforce the essentially mysterious dimension of her work. She establishes an extremely allusive means of communication, far indeed from the research of advertising persuasion that sometimes borrows this language resource. […] The communicating aspect is stres sed, and even at the core of her work she cares for plastic dimensions with extreme attention, exploring - in what is manifest and what is invisible - the relation of those who have to see to read and read to see the work, and thus reach its meaning.”


Copyright:  André Morin