Roland Cognet

Sequoia, cement, 4 x 2.2m

Commande of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1994

Born in l’Allier in France in 1957, Roland Cognet lives and works in Jussat and Paris in France.

Roland Cognet is a sculptor in the traditional sense of the term. He uses simple, natural or industrial materials and creates elementary shapes often taken directly from a matrix of the material. 

Here organic or natural (the sequoia trunk) are placed parallel to the industrial, the fabricated (cement) by the casting technique. In this way the artist proposes a reflection on symmetry and duality which underlines the particular rapport between architect and the natural environment of the Art Center.

According to Roland Cognet, the question of the model is posed, and simple technical attitudes such as casting, modeling and direct carving are rich in meaning. For him, working directly with the tree offers proximity with the landscape. Roland Cognet realized that it was “natural” to find a bit of felled tree in this place (the Art Center is surrounded by woods), but his casting, simply placed alongside, was about to shake this perception and become, with the cutting of the tree, an imperceptible happening.


Copyright: André Morin