Kimio Tsuchiya

Wood, stones, various materials

Commande of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1990

Born in Fukui in Japan in 1955, Kimio Tsuchiya lives and works in his homeland.

Kimio Tsuchiya works mainly with natural materials such as wood, stone, ash and recovered and old abandoned objects to produce works through which he attempts to rediscover the language of nature.

This double use of elementary materials and found objects enables the artist to build works that refer to memory and the passing of time. The artist works in such a way that the origin of his materials is apparent, thus leading the spectator to discover a narration in them.

Eternity is a semi-discoid assemblage of granite and wooden beams from a demolished house in the Vassivière region. If there are no windows in traditional Japanese constructions, it is becaus e the walls are missing. This wall was built according to traditional masonry so as to show the artist’s extreme respect for recovered materials that are not violently constrained or transformed but just replaced and re-assembled.


Copyright: André Morin