Marc Couturier

Glass, silk-screened glass, aluminum frames, carved cement 

Command of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1990

Born in Mirebeau-sur-Béze in France in 1946, Marc Couturier lives and works in Paris in France.

Marc Couturier’s work in a sense extracts things from an invisible world and tries to reveal to the spectator’s mind and eye what everyone sees and feels deep down. His work constitutes an offering void of all ego and where the retreat of the artist leaves room for the spirit that is contained in every work. 

Situated in the old arboretum of the lsland, Nadir is part of an ensemble of works carried out based on the host. For the 1988 exhibit “The Magicians of the Earth”, he contributed Host, a circular work made of plaques of hosts mounted on plexiglass. This work was exhibited in front of an external opening at the Grande Halle de la Villette. The translucent aspect of the material was conveyed to the visitors by natural light. The host, charged with spirituality, bears within it the idea of transcendence and Nadir represents this spiritual evolution not only in its shape but also in the artistic choice of placing it amidst the sacred birch trees.

The shape of the work evokes a door or a portal, a sort of fictional passage, while the motif of the white semi-circle recalls the host. The concept of the offering that instills the artist’s choice could find no better shelter than this isle on the island of the arboretum, where the location on the soft flank towards the banks of the lake are an invitation to stroll up and down, seduced by the idea of space suspended between the water and the sky, far away, between nadir and zenith.


Copyright: André Morin