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Bernard Calet

Yellow granit, black polished granit, cement, 70 x 380 x 380 cm

Command of FRAC Limousin in 1988

Born in 1958 in France, Bernard Calet lives and works in Tours in France.

The artist uses dark glass and photography paper, together with other more traditional sculpture materials such as steel and lead, and works on a reflection on sculpture, environment, and the perception of the spectator, while elaborating on the notion of passage: from shadow to light, from object to reflection, from sculpture to image.

Situated in a well of light in the forest section, Bernard Calet chose to place his work at the foot of an old, low, partly demolished wall that has been here since the lake was created. This wall serves not only as an element of “architectural reference” but also as a “memory trace” of rural activity and the eight drowned hamlets.

Untitled resembles the foundations of a house built in granite of the region that fits the slope of the terrain quite naturally. Above these “foundations” stands a plateau of polished black granite that mirrors the horizontality of water. The color black and the polished surface recall the shimmering of the water in the lake. When one reaches the Island, one is thus struck by this dark-mirror aspect of the lake reflecting the environment, the vegetation and the sky.


Copyright: André Morin