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Dominique Bailly

Blocks of carved oak, stones and moss, 15 x 8m

Command of the Centre d’art (owner Ciap) in 1990

Born in Paris in France in 1949, Dominique Bailly lives and works in Paris in France.

Using mostly wood (sculpted trunks, branches of beech, hazel or rowan joined, woven and tied), Dominique Bailly creates spherical or linear sculptures. The artist conceives her works in direct rapport with the - often natural - environment in which they are exhibited. Her permanent works are carried out for architectural or landscape specific sites. 

In the sculpture gardens of Vassivière Island, the work is situated in a clearing amidst a heap of granite blocks. Dominique Bailly intervened in the landscape to enhance this site in particular: the mound of earth that constitutes the core of the work was covered by mosses gathered in different spots in the island. Five blocks of sculpted oak imitate the shape of certain rocks in the clearing. 

In the artist’s words: & ldquo;Working in the landscape means also to come into contact with materials other than wood (…), to see what goes on between the blocks of stone, to follow the geological faults and movements …”. This re-encounter takes on a special sense in the Vassivière landscape. It underscores the presence of a granite chaos born of a long process of change that eventually flourishes in these moss-covered rocky polyhedrons piled together in geological memory of the ancient Limousin peneplain that lies progressively buried underneath vegetal sediments.


Copyright: Jacques Hoepffner