Green place with red ants
David Jones

Cast iron, 11 Compeix granite supports, 22m

Command of the Centre d’art  (owner Ciap) in 1988

Born in Melbourne in 1943, David Jones lives and works in Perth in Australia. 

David Jones has studied aborigine culture in depth and produced sculptures on certain sites previously marked by this people. Likewise, his work in Europe and America has been associated with pre-historic vestiges, in particular Easter Island, Bolivia, Mexico, in the sand desert in the region of Kimberley…

David Jones found inspiration in the nature of Vassivière Island to finally of fer us an instrument for reading and measuring the landscape. The artist loves to confront nature and its energy; his work is an attentive reflection on his surroundings. Green place with red ants, which dates from 1988, presents a 22-meter-long serpentine form in cast iron posed on a dozen granite supports that lend it horizontality.

The chance of fortuitous discoveries during a walk – an ant hill, a dead snake – together with the peculiar quality of the light and the proximity of water, suggested to the artist the site of the sculpture: an open, sloping beech wood. Tree trunks set end to end and pruned by power saw served as a matrix for the cast work. To underscore this sinuous shape even more, the artist dug a “vertebral column” along its entire length. The work, by its reference to the snake and also by the choice of cast iron and wood, recalls the three reigns of nature: mineral, vegetal and animal.


Copyright: André Morin