Essai / Par toi / Traces
Bernd Lohaus

Granite, 100kg

Deposit of the Frac Limousin (owner Frac Limousin/Conseil régional du Limousin) in 1992

Born in Düsseldorf in Germany in 1949, Bernd Lohaus died in Antwerp in Belgium in 2010.

In his work, Bernd Lohaus above all uses powerful and dense materials such as wood and stone. He favors elements that have already been used and bear the traces of human industry and time, laden with and enriched by a past to which they are witness. They still bear the scars of cuts, notches and carvings from their past functions. The primary language figuring on the rough supports is another fundamental aspect of the work of this artist who leads us to create correspondences between language and sculpture.

A great admirer of strong, hard, solid, compact materials, he quite naturally invested the granite rock of Limousin in the sculpture garden. On removing the blocks of granite from their original context to integrate them, through dislocation and positioning, with new compositions, he is careful not to alter them, not to efface what they have been. Far from disfiguring them, he restitutes an existence for them as a work, a possibility for them to figure in our present in another form. 

This horizontal sculpture obtains its strength from the way in which Lohaus disposes and orders the three stones in relation to one another, one beside the other. 

With Trial/ For You / Traces, Bernd Lohaus plays on the forms and position of these three blocks of granite while emphasizing in a precise arrangement the inscriptions: “Trial”, “For You” and “Traces” respectively written to the left, to the right and in the middle. The appearance of an elementary language by means of isolated words written on blocks of granite rock, vestiges of geological times, invites us to see in this association an intriguing temporal contrast. Through this sculpture, Bernd Lohaus convokes both the memory of geological times and the end of prehistoric times marked by the advent of writing.


Copyright: André Morin