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Dominique Th├ębault

Granite, earth, woo d, 400 x 190 x 700cm 

Command of the Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière" (owner Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière") in 1985

Born in Rouen in France in 1949, Dominique Thébault lives and works in Limoges in France.

Dominique Thébault’s Untitled consists of a display that is both vertical and horizontal. It is comprised of two distinct elements: on one hand a tree trunk planted upside down in the ground with its roots reaching skywards and supporting a small stone in which an oblique hole has been dug; on the other hand, placed in a slightly rising position on the ground, a long flat granite stone with a deep slot cut into it that prolongs the imaginary axis determined by the direction of the hole. This sculpture can be perceived in different ways, from the archaic sun-dial to a sacrificial altar.

This construction largely questions the idea of nature by fractioning and structuring the place that it occupies, but also by materializing the place of passage that it constitutes - here the passage of light, the sun rays that filter through the circular form cut out of the block of granite. This sculpture evokes more or less directly obstacles, passages, shelters. It is conceived as a metaphoric object of artistic experience. For Dominique Thébault, nature is a crossing, the bearer of signs and languages. Each portion is laden with stories and symbols. With the discontinuous perception that it provokes, walking around this sculpture allows the spectator to appreciate continuance, an awareness of time without which the very sense of the work would be lost.


Copyright:  André Morin