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Michael Prentice

Granite, 360 x 105 x 80 cm

Command of the Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière" (owner Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière") in 1983

This artwork has been realized for the Symposium organized in 1983 on Vassivière island.
"Regarding Granite, I must stress out that this material is very dear to me. The characteristics of this stone, its hardness and its density, are a real challenge each time one is face to face with it. It's mysterious, and through direct cutting it's discovered and participates itself to the evolution of the form. Thus this form becomes almost magical. The sculpture is only revealing itself slowly through the sculptor's concentration and physical toil. The sculpture I made was cut from a large stone and I carried out the project without restraint. From afar it gives the impression of an elongated landscape, but up close it's more intimate with it's various objects carved from the block that are changing with time. For instance, when it rained, the bowls are filled with water and the birds are coming to drink." (Michael Prentice) 


Copyright:  André Morin