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Janez Pirnat

Granite, 220x180x180 cm

Command of the Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière" (owner Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière") in 1983

This artwork has been realized for the Symposium organized in 1983 on Vassivière island. "According to me, we are dealing with a polyvalent form that is explained by the viewer as he sees it in the process of a certain degree of illumination. It is not an absolute form, but a form creating a link between the observer, the stone and the elements that should evoke the beginning of this relationship. It's like a birth or it's nothing, if the link isn't established. I determined a trapezoidal shape in such a way that, on the three lower sides, the light will create a positive form on the negative cut sides, while the upper side, oriented toward the sun, keeps a positive form all day long.". (Janez Pirnat)


Copyright: André Morin