Le Berger de Saint Genest
Pierre Digan

Granite, 350 x 120 x 85 cm

Command of the Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière" (owner Syndicat mixte "le Lac de Vassivière") in 1983

Born 1941 in Paris in France, Pierre Digan lives and works at Saint Martin Château in France.

This artwork has been realized for the Symposium organized in 1983 on Vassivière island. In 1983, with financial support by the Ministry of Culture and Communication continuing its endeavor of promoting contemporary art and its goal of cultural decentralization through the Frac's founding, the association « Limousin Art Contemporain et Sculptures » (LAC&S) initiate the first artistic intervention on Vassivière island. The goal was to call upon visual artists to create works - more precisely sculptures - from a same material : granite. The choice of the material isn't innocent, it's part of a will to root art in the making with the local craftsmanship tradition of the stone cutting. Through this artistic project were arising economical and cultural issues on the durability of an ancestral know-how linked with the mineral specificity of the soil and the safeguarding of a declining economy. The association LAC&S opens in august 1983 the Limousin's Granite Sculptures Symposium located on Vassivière island, presenting the works of twelve artists and describing itself as "a stone and wood outdoor museum". The installation of those sculptures broke the grounds for an announced union between Vassivière island and contemporary art.

Saint Genest's shepherd is the only figurative sculpture of the symposium, a reassuring and comforting shepherd figure that the artist wanted to erect as an homage to a friend of his.

In the sixties, Pierre Digan and Janet Stedman created a pott ery company "La Borne" in the Cher. A place of ceramics making since the sixteenth century, its a french centre for stoneware.


Copyright: André Morin