Les liens invisibles
Dominique Petitgand

Les liens invisibles (The invisible links), Dominique Petitgand , 2015 

For his solo exhibition in Vassivière “There are coulds moving in”, Dominique Petitgand has imagined a unique publication based on a series of works titled Les liens invisibles (The invisibles links). This catalogue includes a new text written by the artist on his work and a CD offered for which he realized a sound editing from extracts of works evoked in the book. Throughout the pages, the handwritten fragments of a sentence from a voice – i.e. the main sound material of the series – are arranged above the text, creating changes in the rhythm of the reading, the same way his works are constructed.

Booklet of 36 pages, process printing, 24x18, stapled, FSC paper
Free CD Les liens invisibles, 22 min 06 s.
Text by Dominique Petitgand
Graphic designer: Adrien Aymard
Bilingual French / English
Publisher: Centre international d’art et du paysage, 2015

Price: 10 euros