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Inspired by the Berlin model, it's at the beginning of 1980s that art lending libraries appear on the French cultural scene to the initiative of the Ministry of the Culture in order to promote, support and make sensitive the public in the new contemporary pratices and democratize by another way the access to the culture. 

The art lending library offers the possibility of borrowing an artwork , to get it in a familiar frame outside the usual spaces of the art display. An individual, a collectivity or a company can experiment another relationship with the creation in a longer temporality and in a personal or professional universe.

In 1985, The region Limousin takes part in this adventure with the creation of its own art lending library. The collection, which is in Limoges,  is relieved by various cultural intitutions :  la Bibliothèque Francophone Multimédias de Limoges, Peuple et Culture de Tulle, le Musée d’art et d’archéologie de Guéret et le Centre international d’art et du paysage de l'île de Vassivière. The objective is to develop this service on the whole regional territory.

Opened in 1999, the relay of the art lending library of the Centre international d'art et du paysage applies to the Plateau des Millevaches by offering through a singular choice of artworks the possibility to educate, in a intimate way, its glance on the creation of the current art.

How ?

From a selection renewed regularly, a individual, a community or a company can borrow an artwork, or a set of artwoks and bring it at home, on their place of work or study. To borrow an artwork, you have to join to the relay of the art lending library.

A documentation is also available for consultation in the art center in order to deepen more on the artist and the artwork, educational actions are organized, books on the artists of the collection can be found to the bookshop of the art center.

Educational actions

In association with the educational service of the art center, pedagogical actions are proposed in the school groups, in the communities and to companies to bring in them in the contemporary creation.  Actions can be also proposed outside the art center, as the workhops in schools.

Some artists of the collection of the Art lending of the Limousin

Adel Abdessemed ; Scoli Acosta ;  Jean-Michel Alberola ; Pierre Alechinsky ; Pierre Ardouvin ; John Armeleder ; Edouardo Arroyo ; Michel Aubry ; Gillles Barbier ; Valérie Belin ; Sylvie Blocher ; Gilles Bruni & Marc Barbarit ; Sophie Calle ; Christo ; Jean Clareboudt ; Roland Cognet ; Robert Crumb ; Christophe Cuzin ; Anne Deguelle ; Hervé Di Rosa ; Erik Dietman ; Noël Dolla ; Patrick Faigenbaum ; Gérard Garouste ; Pierre-Armand Gette ; Andy Goldsworthy ; Jacques Julien ; Ilya Kabakov ; Peter Klasen ; Bertrand Lavier ; Jean Le Gac ; Edouard Levé ; Richard Long ; Philippe Mayaux ; Ana Mendieta ; Frédérique Metzger ; Olivier Mosset ; Aurélie Nemours ; Jean-Pierre Raynaud ; Sarkis ; Richard Serra ; Taroop & Glabel ; Wolf Vostell ; Zao Wou-Ki…

Information and rates

The relay of the art lending library of the art center is opened by appointment from Wednesday till Sunday

Individuals : free

Schools : 50 euros

Companies : 103 euros

To join the relay:

Anaïs Perrin
Education department, editions, artotheque annex
Centre international d’art et du paysage
Île de Vassivière

F - 87 120 Beaumont-du-Lac
tél: +33 (0)5 55 69 27 27  fax: +33 (0)5 55 69 29 31