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THE WISDOM OF LIANES, group exhibition
Until 30. January 2022
!SEASONAL CLOSURE! The Art Centre will be closed to the public from December 20, 2021 to January 10, 2022 included.

Curator: Dénètem Touam Bona

With Carlos Adaoudé • Jack Beng-Thi • Carole Chausset • Florans Féliks • Hawad • Véronique Kanor • Nicola Lo Calzo with Hugo Rousselin • Myriam Mihindou • Migline Paroumanou • Nicolas Pirus • Raharimanana • Sylvie Séma • Shivay La Multiple & Eddy Ekete • The School of Mutants (Hamedine Kane, Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, Valérie Osouf, Boris Raux, Nathalie Muchamad) • Camille Varenne & Galadio Parfait Kaboré

Faced with the rise of online surveillance and current devastation, where can we escape to today?

Dénètem Touam Bona invites us to a “marronage” (the evasive skills of slaves), to create sanctuaries through the subversive use of bodies and places. Each invited artist offers a variation on the theme of ‘lyannaj’ (from the creole ‘lyan’): the system of cooperation and improvisation reawakening the memories and strengths for the recreation of the world of the African diaspora. The Wisdom of Lianes can only be ‘cosmo-poetical’: without a supporting tree trunk their escape route up to the sky is only made possible by depending on others, because they merge with others by intermingling with them. This is how, furtively, they weave extraordinary worlds.

👉 discover the invitation card (FR) and the press kit

Under the sponsorship of the Institut du Tout-Monde.

With the support of
the Ministry of Overseas Territories and the Ministry of Culture under the Overseas Arts and Cultural Exchange Fund (FEAC),
the Artists’ Foundation for the project of Camille Varenne,
the Slavery Memorial Foundation for Valérie Osouf’s project (The School of Mutants),
ENSA Limoges for the production residence of Migline Paroumanou,
the Foundation Livin’Tembé Association (Guyana),
the Association Praxitèle (La Réunion).

SATURDAY, 13 NOVEMBER, 2:30 – 5:30 pm
Sub-version : vivre et résister en mode mineur

Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA, Bordeaux

With Myriam Mihindou, Hawad, Florence Boyer and Dénètem Touam Bona.

Invited by the Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA, Dénètem Touam Bona is given carte blanche as part of the Échos du territoire event and the exhibition The Wisdom of Lianas.

The Wisdom of Lianas encourages the use of alliances between relevant ‘minor’ forms of life (like marronage) and the art of escape: a game of hide-and-seek, with many variations, which disrupts defined roles and positions, thus allowing alternative futures to be outlined.

All audiences. Free access upon presentation of exhibition admission ticket; reservations required. Reserve:


21 — 24 OCTOBER
Ciné-lianes film festival

In parallel with the exhibition The Wisdom of Lianas, the Ciné-lianes festival highlights materials on offer in Southern cosmologies in order to allow experimentation with alternative lifestyles. It also underlines the central role of art in movements that are redefining French overseas territories overseas and sub-Saharan Africa.

👉 download the programme (FR)

Cinema Le Jean Gabin: 6€ full • 5€ reduced. Cinema Le Club: 5€ full • 4€ reduced.
Reduced fee for the exhibition upon presentation of cinema admission ticket.

Ciné-lianes festival partners: municipality of Eymoutiers • International Centre for Art and Landscape • Cinéma Le Jean Gabin, Eymoutiers • Association Bande-originale, Peyrat-le-Château • Les Francophonies – Des écritures à la scène, Limoges • Collège G. Guingouin, Eymoutiers • Lycée B. Palissi, Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat • Micro-brasserie Barbe en bulles, Peyrat-le-Château • Amis du Centre international d’art et du paysage • Librairie Passages, Eymoutiers • Café-restaurant Pré-du-lac – Île de Vassivière

Supporters: French Ministry of Culture – DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine • Haute-Vienne Departemental Council • Municipality of Eymoutiers • International Centre for Art and Landscape

Prepare for your visit!

Find video explanations about the Vassivière Island through Vidéoguide Nouvelle-Aquitaine!



BOOK REQUIRED: +33 5 55 69 27 27 –

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WEDNESDAYS – 2:30 pm : Flash tour 
Storytelling and guided tour of the exhibition by a mediator.

All audiences. Upon presentation of exhibition admission ticket. No reservation required.


MONDAY TO FRIDAY : Living as a Tree
Guided tour of the exhibition and clay modeling in the Sculpture Park. Children can invent stories to bring their works to life.

Age 3+. 6€/pers. Free for Leisure Centre animators/guides.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY : Discover the Architecture of the Art Centre
Guided tour of the Art Centre’s architecture; creative awakening through drawing using a notebook and multicolour pencil. Age 8+. 5€/pers. including exhibition access, notebook and pencil. 


(Booking: + 33 5 55 69 27 27 –

Journée into the exhibition – all audiences. 3€/person.
A guided tour of the exhibition followed by an experimental workshop.

Let’s take a walk in the Wood! – all audiences. 3€/person.
Guided walk in the Sculptures Wood. Possibility of adding an off track guided tour in Eymoutiers (87) to discover Platform, one of the 9 landscape work oeuvres paysagères of the trail Vassivière Utopia.


Tailor-made welcome
On-demand stays, tours, workshops for groups, young audiences or adults all year!
Information: +33 5 55 69 27 27 –

WEDNESDAYS – 2:30 pm
Flash tour 
Storytelling and guided tour of the exhibition by a mediator.

All audiences. Upon presentation of exhibition admission ticket. 

Living as a Tree 
Guided tour of the exhibition and clay modeling in the Sculpture Park. Children can invent stories to bring their works to life. Age 3+. 5€/pers.

Discover the Architecture of the Art Centre

Self-guided tour of the Art Centre’s architecture; creative awakening through drawing using a notebook and multicolour pencil. Age 8+. 4€/child, 5€/adult including exhibition access, notebook and pencil. No reservations required.

The art centre is also exhibiting on the radio! For each exhibition you can find three parts:

  • The mix – a selection of music relating to the themes of the exhibition, put together by the art centre team and the artist,
  • Sound bites – recorded during the exhibition,
  • A selection of books by the artist, which can be found in the art centre bookshop.

In partnership with Radio Vassivière.

Only in French language!


Life to Itself Isabelle Andriessen, Bianca Bondi, Dora Budor, Tiphaine Calmettes, Grégory Chatonsky, Rochelle Goldberg, Laure Vigna. Flora Katz, curator.
Group exhibition (13.06 – 05.09.2021)
some exhibition views (EN), invitation card (FR), press kit (EN) and booklet (FR)

The mix
Interviews: Isabelle Andriessen, Bianca Bondi, Dora Budor, Tiphaine Calmettes, Grégory Chatonsky, Rochelle Goldberg and Laure Vigna during the opening of the exhibition


Par le chant grondant des vibrations autour – Tiphaine Calmettes, solo exhibition (until May, 24. 2021)
press kit, invitation card, self-guided tour brochure (FR)

Présences silencieuses, a video experience to discover at home

Les livres #1 : Plaidoyer pour l’herboristerie – Thierry Thévenin

8 thematic sound bites by Tiphaine Calmettes and Antoine Mermet:

1. Dans le chant grondant des vibrations autour
2. Invisible
3. Natural light
4. Living objects
5. Production of objects
6. Usage and performance
7. Language
8. Ceremony

Talk: Tiphaine Calmettes describes its exhibition!


TIME FORMULA – Angelika Markul, solo exhibition (29.February – 30. October 2020)
press kit

Capsule sonore#1 (sound bite)
Capsule sonore#2 (sound bite)

The mix (duration: 2h)

Les livres #1 : Joseph Beuys – éditions Phaidon
Les livres #2 : La traversée du XXème siècle – Joseph Beuys, l’image et le souvenir – Jean-Philippe Antoine, éditeurs : mamco – Musée d’art moderne et contemporain de Genève et les presses du réel – 2011
Les livres #3 : Le changement climatique expliqué à ma fille – Jean-Marc Jancovici, éditions Seuil
Les livres #4 : Vous avez un chien, Yona Friedman, Editions de l’éclat – 2004
Les livres #5 : Comment habiter la terre, Yona Friedman, éditions de l’éclat – 2016


Radio: let’s talk the artworks!

During Summer 2020 was held a family workshop of initiation to the radio around five works of the Wood of sculptures… Find these high-flying sound improvisations, and discover these works in an unusual way, on the website of Radio Vassivière!

Listen to these improvisations by young creators (FR)

In partnership with Radio Vassivière.  

*** 63 outside and permanent works to discover on the island of 70 hectares

Free, explanatory note placed near each work. Map on sale (2€) at the bookstore and in the tourism offices in Auphelle or Eymoutiers.

*** Vassivière Utopia, an off track architectural and landscape trail available to view all year round!
Designed as an off-track extension of the sculpture park. Free, explanatory note placed near each work.

The projects:
Plat-form, by Atelier 1:1, 2018, in Eymoutiers (Haute-Vienne)
The Clearing, by Atelier Bivouac, 2018, in Saint-Martin-Château (Creuse)
Seeing the Water in the Lake, by éjo.coopérative, 2018, in Beaumont-du-Lac (Haute-Vienne)
The Warbler, by Bureau baroque, 2019, in Faux-la-Montagne (Creuse)
A Garden Into the Forest, by les espaces verts, 2019, in Masgrangeas (Royère-de-Vassivière, Creuse)
Moment 03, by GAMA+BIANCHIMAJER, 2019, at Quenouille (Peyrat-le-Château, Haute-Vienne)

Pierres, planches, ruisseaux, by L’Amicale mille feux and Nina Bonzom, 2020, in Lacelle (Corrèze),
Erosion, by Nina Chalot and Nicolas Bouisson (Forall Studio), 2020, in Saint-Amand-le-Petit (Haute-Vienne)
Trois petits patrimoines, by Atelier du sillon (Pauline Gillet+Nicolas Besse) and Philippe Deubel, 2020, in Nedde (Haute-Vienne)

More details about the projects

With the support of the sponsorship of the Caisse des Dépôts.

In addition to the production of works and exhibitions, the International Centre for Art and Landscape has, since 2012, organised a programme of ten artistic residencies each year in the castle on Vassivière island, refurbished by the architects Berger & Berger and Building/Building. The unique history of the Vassivière landscape, the resources that the art centre can offer in terms of art, architecture and landscape, and the high level of initiatives generated by local citizens associations from the Plateau de Millevaches, stimulates experimentation and thoughtful reflexion for creative projects inspired by an area far from urban centres, at the same time protected from and influenced by industrial uses.

Find also the Castle in a few videos:

The Castle
Artist residencies on Vassivière Island (French with English subtitles)


CURRENTLY: Art and Night Sky Residency

with architect Louise MORIN and artist Jonas DELHAYE 
First time: from 19. July to 20. September 2021
Second time: from 6. December 2021 to 14. February 2022

A partnership with the Parc naturel régional de Millevaches en Limousin (PNR) as part of its application for the International Dark Sky Places (IDSP) Program.

Browse the call for residences (FR)


Vassivière /// Chalet Mauriac: crossed residence “Art & Environment”
The International Centre for Art and Landscape on Vassivière Island (87) and the Chalet Mauriac – writing residence in Saint-Symphorien (33) scheduled by ALCA offer together a call for residence for a creative and research project on the transformation of natural areas. Both invite an artist and a scientist (biologist, ethnologist, anthropologist, geographer…) to apply for a 8-week residence remunerated by a writing grant and across the two places.

Residence period:
from 5. to 30. October 2020 in Saint-Symphorien (33)
1. December 2020 to 30. January 2021 on Vassivière Island (87)

Following their period of residence between November 2020 and January 2021 at the Chalet Mauriac and the Castel on Vassivière Island, the artist JULIE ESCOFFIER and the scientist HELOISE THOUEMENT offer you a culinary experiment to do at home !

Discover the project and the recipe (only in French) : The taste of the forrest: recipe with lichen

Browse the call for residences

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The Art Centre is an accredited mediator for the New Patrons Action for the Fondation de France. The new Patrons Action is a unique encounter between you and a contemporary artist! He would invent for you an original form to answer the problematic you have raised.

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Publications: latest releases at the Bookshop

DÉNÈTEM TOUAM BONA, Sagesse des lianes, Cosmopoétique du refuge 1
Published by Post-Éditions with the support of the Friends of the International Centre for Art and Landscape on Vassivière Island.
Presentation and reading at the Art Centre on SUNDAY, 24 OCTOBER during the Ciné-lianes film festival.


A rich selection of publications chosen by Dénètem Touam Bona and recent books on the exhibiting artists are available in the Bookshop, including:
Vent rouge, Hawad (Éditions de l’Institut du Tout-Monde)
Éclaboussure, Véronique Kanor (Présence africaine Éditions)
Les magnétites, Hugo Rousselin (Éditions de l’Institut du Tout-Monde),
Tisser, Raharimanana (Mémoire d’encrier Éditions)
[among others…]


Download the catalogue of our editions (FR)