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At Ground Level
Rebecca Digne

Solo exhibition

Until the 17th June 2018


We are open this Monday 21 May     11-13 / 14-18

The Centre international d’art et du paysage is hosting artist Rebecca Digne (b. Marseille 1982, lives and works in Paris) for a major monographic exhibition including spaces outside the usual display areas.

In films, sculptures and installations Rebecca Digne explores concrete modes of engaging with landscape and matter. She sees the filmed image as an extension of her thinking.

For this exhibition at Vassivière she has created new works reflecting her interest in geology and the processing of natural resources, in particular via forest management.

A 16mm film shot on the island in February 2018 and viewable in the Study Room shows two master carpenters putting together a wooden structure with a utopian message.

In the basement workshop a group of ceramic sculptures – the largest of them made specially for this exhibition – gives the impression of having been excavated from the art centre's very foundations, given high visibility here by the artist.

Outdoors a raft floating on the lake has been moored to the base of Aldo Rossi and Xavier Fabre's building, connected by a long rope to the interior of the Little Theatre.

Marking out a trail leading from innermost matter to the great outdoors, a choice of Rebecca Digne's earlier films – Creuser (Digging), Rouge (Red), Cueillir (Gathering) and Tracer le vide (Tracing the Void) – rounds off the exhibition.

To accompany the exhibition the art centre is publishing a book featuring new images of the artist's work and a text commissioned from writer/filmmaker Bertrand Schefer.

Exhibition partners: Sertis Production, EDF Hydraulique, L'Office National des Forêts Limousin, Syndicat Le Lac de Vassivière.

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