FRIDY, 8 OCTOBER 2021 – 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Retour sur des créations situées

Seminar – Live feed

Seminar presented in the context of Les territoires de la création située, a research project conducted over three years across the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The programme focuses on the analysis of collective experiences of creative initiatives developed in close relationship with a territory.

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21 — 24 OCTOBER
Ciné-lianes film festival

In parallel with the exhibition The Wisdom of Lianas, the Ciné-lianes festival highlights materials on offer in Southern cosmologies in order to allow experimentation with alternative lifestyles. It also underlines the central role of art in movements that are redefining French overseas territories overseas and sub-Saharan Africa.

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Cinema Le Jean Gabin: 6€ full • 5€ reduced. Cinema Le Club: 5€ full • 4€ reduced.
Reduced fee for the exhibition upon presentation of cinema admission ticket.


Until 9. January 2022

The Wisdom of Lianas

Group exhibition. Curator: Dénètem Touam Bona

With Carlos Adaoudé • Jack Beng-Thi • Carole Chausset • Florans Féliks • Hawad • Véronique Kanor • Nicola Lo Calzo with Hugo Rousselin • Myriam Mihindou • Migline Paroumanou • Nicolas Pirus • Raharimanana • Sylvie Séma • Shivay La Multiple & Eddy Ekete • The School of Mutants (Hamedine Kane, Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro, Valérie Osouf, Boris Raux, Nathalie Muchamad) • Camille Varenne & Galadio Parfait Kaboré

Faced with the rise of online surveillance and current devastation, where can we escape to today?

Dénètem Touam Bona invites us to a “marronage” (the evasive skills of slaves), to create sanctuaries through the subversive use of bodies and places. Each invited artist offers a variation on the theme of ‘lyannaj’ (from the creole ‘lyan’): the system of cooperation and improvisation reawakening the memories and strengths for the recreation of the world of the African diaspora. The Wisdom of Lianes can only be ‘cosmo-poetical’: without a supporting tree trunk their escape route up to the sky is only made possible by depending on others, because they merge with others by intermingling with them. This is how, furtively, they weave extraordinary worlds.

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Since August 9, access to the exhibition spaces of the Art Centre is by presentation of a valid health pass. No booking is required to access the exhibition.


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