The International Centre for Art and Landscape is temporarily closed because of the current health crisis.


Currently at the Castle

After a residence period in October 2020 at the Chalet Mauriac in Saint-Symphorien (Gironde, France), the artist JULIE ESCOFFIER and the chemist and environmental engineer HELOISE THOUEMENT are in residence in the Castle on Vassivière Island until 30. January 2021. Here they are developing a research and creation project about water and soil pollution.

In this context they are currently preparing a playful moment with lichens to share and to experiment at home, that they will share in the coming days! To be followed…


New exhibition

Par le chant grondant des vibrations autour

Tiphaine Calmettes: solo exhibition

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Vassivière island only seems to be a natural site. in 1952 the creation of a hydroelectric dam turned what was originally a hill into an island. it is now a place whose distinctive history makes it a remarkable imaginative and creative stimulus.

To round off the collection of sculptures that had been on the island since the 1980s, architects Aldo Rossi and Xavier Fabre created an art centre there in 1991. Since then many nationally and internationally known artists have shown their work at the Centre, whose scope was further extended in 2012 with the opening of an annexe to the Castle that now welcome resident artists (Berger & Berger and Building/Building architects). Since 2017 the Art Centre has been an active partner of the Fondation de France “New patrons Action” sponsorship artists.